Change & Transformation: Trust The Process Of Change (Part III)!

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Change & Transformation are at the core of what MY NU WAYS! Business does and stands for

This article is part of our Change & Transformation blog series. In the previous blog article we talked about what counter actions can be applied in case negative or possibly threatening change is faced by yourself to help you moving forward easier and smoother or to help others through their transition. 

We learned that progress is impossible without change. During change transition is advised to show Empathy – to yourself and to everyone else who you support going through their change. Additionally you should know how to encourage reflection and enable problem solving instead of providing solutions straight away (even if you have good intentions). 

In this article we want to focus on counter actions that can be applied to support positive change. And why is this important? Because people often also refuse to adapt to positive change, specifically if these changes are growth and personal development opportunities … 

Support to overcome positive Change and to influence for outcome

Although a positive change in our life, in our career or in our business usually is a great opportunity for growth and development, we as humans might be prone to sabotage our own aspirations and to belittle our capabilities and skills due to the fear of the unknown and the rise of self doubts – and eventually and in the worst case withdraw from a positive change and growth opportunity. Sounds abstract? Imagine a scenario where someone got promoted into a new role with leadership responsibilities for the first time. With this example in mind, let’s see what the coping process looks like and what possible counter actions can be applied to influence for positive outcome.

1. We start out with an UNINFORMED OPTIMISM shortly after the promotion is announced: So you congratulate!

2. Then UNINFORMED PESSIMISM starts creeping in (fear of unknown): Legitimize these feelings as there is a real danger of withdrawal!!

3. Once this obstacle is overcome, HOPEFUL REALISM kicks in: Acknowledge and continue to build confidence.

4. …and soon after INFORMED OPTIMISM is on the rise: Reiterate acknowledgement as “following through” is important.

5. … until the CHANGE IS MADE HAPPEN and transition in new role took place: Tap shoulders & reward!


Progress is impossible without Change

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

Let’s summarize the takeaways:

  • People can withdraw themselves even from positive change – especially if these are growth & personal development opportunities.
  • Know the positive Change Curve! Know the negative Change Curve! Identify the phase and the needs – and know how to support!
  • If you feel stuck in your own change transition, coaching can help you to reflect and to make the change happen!
  • If you help others in their change process: Know how to build trust, clarity and confidence! This is key if you want to support the transition. 
  • Our MY NU WAYS! Business are designed to help you. They coach you through change, but they also enable you to build the communication and coaching skills, resilience, influence and mindset you need in order to thrive and prosper in this ever changing world and become a change agent to help others!
  • Don’t be a stranger! Get in touch with us if you need more information! We will be exited to chat with you!

See you soon! Stay safe, healthy and optimistic! 


Melanie & Angelika

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Learn How To Achieve Anything You Want

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