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DIY Bike Up-Cycle Program

Our DIY Bike Up-Cycle Program with the extra pinch of COACHING helps you to DIY up-cycle any second-hand bike in a unique & sustainable way so you give an old ride a new purpose! 



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This DIY Bike Up-Cycle Program is ABSOLUTELY right for you when you say ...

The No Fuzz DIY Bike Up-Cycle Program

Commonly we all have bits and pieces of Pinterest and YouTube like bike restoration ideas, preferences and How-To’s on our minds. And this is what we try to achieve in real life. But we struggle and most likely fail. Why? Because our ideas and preferences are not put into a solid vision and designed and matched against requirements, functionalities, budget and own skill sets.
This program provides you with everything you need to make your bike make-over and restoration a success – in a straight-forward and process-orientated way. 
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The Bike Up-Cycle Program is based on our passions & own experiences

This DIY Bike Make Over Program of MY NU WAYS! Programs combines design knowledge and best-practices, lots of practical experiences – and Coaching.

Melanie and Angelika are Coaches – but also enthusiastic DIY Geeks with a natural love for design, architecture and gardening – and Bikers. Over time they acquired some solid builder skills as well. What they also learned was that there is quite a bit of coaching needed for both, the actual design process and the realization process. The coaching piece is helpful to gain the needed clarity, structure and confidence to be able to make sound decisions and to follow-through.

What you pay for this DIY Bike Up-Cycle Program is your choice!

You can mix and match all our Self Coaching Programs as you like and need it for your personal & professional growth, but also for self care and well-being, a healthy lifestyle and nurturing your creativity.

All our Self Coaching Programs add perfectly to this Coaching Program. If you like to purchase more than one program, we recommend you to consider our Membership options. It could save you money.  

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The DIY Bike Up-Cycle Program includes

DIY Bike Up-Cycle Program DIY Recycling Bike Makeover Sustainability Mindful Improve Life Quality Online Coaching Programs

You will learn and take away from this DIY Bike Up-Cycle Program ...

Your supporting Transformation Experts & Coaches

Melanie Wild-Schleiffelder

Management & Business Coach & Counsellor, Team & Personal Coach, Hypnosis Coach, Transformation Lead, Change Management Expert, Consultant, Entrepreneur

Angelika Szac-Fidrych

Management & Personal Coach,
Nutrition & Well-Being Coach & Consultant,
Change Manager, Project Manager & Entrepreneur

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