Ways to Grow Your Business Without Spending Money

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Today we’re sharing what we call “ideas to steal.” They are all real-life ideas from successful businesses—action steps you can pick up and run with right away, without having to research, test, or otherwise delay implementing. And, you don’t need to spend money to do them.  Pick those that you think apply to your business, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information or help to implement them—these days we all have to work together. (click here for details

Build a sales funnel

The first way to quickly grow your business is by building a sales funnel. If you don’t have a sales funnel, you’re making a monumental mistake. Sales funnels can help to automate your business. It helps you to scale and grow quickly and easily.  

Roland Frasier, a business growth strategist, has a unique approach to scaling businesses. As a principal of Digital Marketer and Native Commerce Media, and CEO of War Room Mastermind, he knows a thing or two about the online marketing world. Frasier says that every sales funnel needs to be carefully conceptualized before it’s created. Consider the different funnels first and foremost. Whether it’s a free-plus-shipping offer or a high-ticket coaching funnel, it’s important to build your automated selling machine to quickly scale and grow your business.

Ask for Referrals

Of course, attracting new customers to your business is never a bad approach. One way to do that is to ask your current customers for referrals. These customers are already your target market, which means that people in their social or work circles are likely to be your target market as well. This makes them a strong access point to new customers. you can: 

– Ask satisfied customers if they know anyone else who would be interested in your products or services. 

– Incentivize referrals with a discount code. 

– Encourage customers to share and tag your brand on social media. 

Create a customer loyalty program

Loyalty programs are great ways to increase sales. It costs up to three times more money to acquire new customers than it does to sell something to an existing customer.  Build an attractive loyalty program and make it accessible to your existing customers and watch sales skyrocket over time. 

Find the right growth plan

Finding the right growth strategy depends on the stage your business is in and the resources you currently have available. Consider what you have to invest, such as money, time, expertise, or personnel, as well as your current market, business goals, and the interests of your customers. Not every strategy will be right for every business or appeal to every business owner. To get started: 

– Pick one or two ideas that are appropriate for your business and your circumstances. 

– Create a new business plan based on that strategy. 

– Set benchmarks for growth, expenses, and revenue. 

– Track these benchmarks regularly to monitor your progress. 

If this is one strategy your are currently experiencing issues with, our programs will definitely help you (click here) 

Build an email list

One of the most best and most effective ways to grow a business quickly is to build an email list. Clearly, that means you need to have a lead magnet. Why else would people subscribe to your list? And, with a lead magnet, comes the necessity for a sales funnel. Look into companies like AweberConstantContactConvertKit, Drip, GetResponse and others for building and managing your list. 

Split test marketing strategies

There’s no shortage of quick marketing “hacks” you can play with. Split testing, also called A/B testing, helps you test out these strategies to see what works best. For example, you could test how well a green “buy now” button works on converting customers on your website versus a yellow one.  Some other things you could split test: 

Email subject lines: Which one has a higher open rate?  

Web page titles: Which one gets more clicks? 

Days you post to social media: Which day gets more engagement? 

Chances are, the marketing tools you already use in your business give you the option to split test. HubSpot, ConvertKit and Google Ads, all offer this option. Play around and see what works. 

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