Growth Mindset – How To Develop And Nurture It In both Your Business & Life!

What is the #1 predictor of whether your business will scale into success? Is it the market conditions, the capital venture you manage to raise, or high-profile investors?  

The answer is none of these. In reality, even when conditions look promising, scaling your business will be an agonizing crawl to success if you don’t have one critical ingredient — a growth mindset.  

A growth mindset is an attitude and belief that people have the ability to develop their talents, abilities, intelligence, and emotional intelligence. It basically means that you believe success comes from the consistent effort of working through challenges. Leaders with a growth mindset tend to focus more on the process rather than just the outcome. But Growth Mindset is applicable not only in Business, but it must encompass all aspects of your Life as well! In this article you will find more details about how you can develop Growth Mindset and how it can help you achieve your professional and personal goals! 

What does "Growth Mindset" mean?

Stanford psychologist Dr. Carol Dweck and author of “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” explains how there are two types of mindsets: growth and fixed mindset. 

Dweck describes how a growth mindset embraces challenges and views failure “not as evidence of unintelligence but as a heartening springboard for growth and for stretching our existing abilities.” While a fixed mindset grips onto the belief that intelligence and talents are static, and success is accomplished solely based on talent and little effort. 

A growth mindset is one in a constant state of flux and at work improving, expanding and honing all inherent talents and gifts, as well as adding to and improving those acquired along the way. Those with a growth mindset can, with time, effort and practice, acquire and improve skills and abilities to accomplish things previously thought impossible. With a real growth mindset, you don’t just believe this, you live it. As Henry Ford is thought to have said, “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.” 

Ford recognized there’s nothing that will hold you back as much as the belief that you can’t do something. He didn’t call it a “fixed mindset,” but had that term been around back then, he certainly could have.  

To develop a growth mindset, you’ll need to approach everyday work tasks and projects with an attitude of readiness to learn, balance and understanding. Here are some tips you can follow: 

1. Determine where you are at this very moment

Do you consider yourself in the growth mindset pool or close to it, and looking to make sure you stay that way? Or would you describe yourself as having a fixed mindset? 

Knowing where you stand to begin with is the first phase. If you’ve just started your business or hit a roadblock in your entrepreneurship journey or personal life, you need to assess your current situation. You can’t tell where to go if you don’t know where you are. 

2. Change your perspective on failure

Start viewing failure not as a sign of inability but as part of the process of learning. Nobody starts out on any endeavor being the perfect example of the goal. Even the world’s greatest athletes, artists, and business magnates started out as kids with little talent or expertise.  

As uncomfortable as that may be, it’s essential that you try and fail, and try and fail again. Every failure is a steppingstone on the path to success. There are so many famous people who at first failed miserably and then went on to become leaders, influencers and role models, such as Oprah, Richard Branson and even Abraham Lincoln.  

3. Notice how you speak and act

Notice how you talk about talent, skills and your business acumen. Do you find yourself saying things like, “I’m no good at this” or “She’s just naturally talented”? 

Swap those phrases out for “I’m not great at this yet.” and “She’s clearly put in a lot of effort to become so talented.”  Notice how others around you speak and act, and then seek out those who have growth mindsets and foster your relationships with them. 

4. Jot down your goals

Growth mindset people are aware that once one goal is down, they have others lined up to pursue. Create clear, realistic goals based on your passion and purpose. And be sure to give yourself enough time to conquer them thoroughly. 

Life will always find a way to throw something difficult at you. Try not to see these challenges as obstacles or setbacks that you dread. Rather, try to view them more positively. Try to view them as opportunities to overcome something difficult and grow as a result. The more difficult the challenge, the greater the opportunity for learning and growth. 

Developing a growth mindset can be crucial to achieving success in both your business and personal life. Want to learn more about how you can remove the unhappiness trigger of a fixed mindset, and open paths to successes in every area of your life?  

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