Coaching in combination with Consulting and Enablement
can work wonders for your Business, Life and Well-Being! We are giving you a new perspective! We are transforming the way you see and approach something, the way you feel about it. Work with us! Eventually you start to see NU WAYS and you will feel confident and enabled to walk NU WAYS.

This is how we and our Programs are helping you to achieve the outcome you want.

What Clients Say

I just wanted to say that I really like the programs. I like the content structure and I really like how they are set up and connected to each other – so much life changing support for so many topics. If you ever would consider translating the whole thing into Swedish, Id love to help out. 
Eric J.
The Business & Life pack with access to all programs helped me a lot! Modules B01 and B02 showed me so many tricks I can apply in chats with people. And Assertive Communication was a game changer for me! 
Stefanie B.
It was worth every penny! 
James S.
I learned so much about well-being from the balance and ground program. I recommend it to anyone who has trouble in slowing down in their day-to-day routine. 
Annouk T.

How You Benefit

Your Programs Option


1 Group (limited) - 2 Coaches
6 Weeks - Rapid Results
*569 USD or 425 GBP
  • Commit to doing that ONE THING that is out of your comfort zone!

    If you want to make the progress and change you want happen, then join us for a 6 weeks Challenge!


1 Person -All Online Programs
Anytime - Anywhere - Own Pace
39€ per Month
*56 USD or 45 GBP per Month
  • Work SELF-SUFFICIENT and INDEPENDENT on your Business Growth and Personal Development whenever you want!
  • Free Trials!


1 Person - 1 Coach

Individual Timeline & Approach
29€ - x€
*39 USD - x USD or 29 GBP - x GBP
  • Exclusive Personal 1:1 Coaching.

    This is right for everyone who wants an individual approach, personal guidance and focused progress - for Business & Life related topics!